Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE! 1978 Pics and Article! Dick Donner Directs! DC Comics!

Here is a great article on the spectacular screen sensation, SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE, from a 1978 issue of the venerable STARLOG mag! It's easy to forget, in this day and age of new comics-centric films popping up every other month, that this Man of Steel movie was so hotly anticipated, and took so long to film (3 years), that its arrival was truly big news! Take into consideration the then-groundbreaking special effects (no computers to make Supes soar, folks), the epic scale, cost, and length of this film, and the fact it was (arguably) the first "serious" superhero film, and you'll really appreciate it's impact! The movie still tops fan lists of great comics films! Click to enlarge this great write-up, and remember!

Dig that Super-swag in that above ad! Wanna see images from the rare SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE PORTFOLIO? Click here!

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