Friday, May 25, 2012

Super Secret Origins of Super Villains! Penguin! Two-Face! Brainiac! 1976 DC Comics!

Clipped from a fabulous (and gigantic) 1976 DC Comics tabloid, here is a big double-page spread that spills the secrets of all the daring and devious DC Super-Villains! Cleverly designed as mini "wanted posters," these factoids let you dig the inside scoops on some of the greatest Silver and Bronze Age evil-doers! The Shark! Bizarro! Penguin! Of course, who knows if all these fiendish facts still apply, after the many universe-altering story lines DC has had since, but these concise histories are still the way to go! And, glom that terrific art by Dick Giordano, Murphy Anderson, Curt Swan, and other artistic luminaries! FUN FACT: in 1976, I photocopied many of these images, and used them as "wanted posters" on the back of my "Fortress of Solitude" playset, made for Mego's COMIC ACTION HEROES line! Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Look below for the star-studded cover of the magnificent magazine this feature originally appeared in!

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Scott said...

Pied Piper's name was given as Thomas Peterson? What happened to Hartley Rathaway?