Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super 70s SPIDER-MAN Daily Strips! The Mystery of--Mary Jane?! Marvel Comics!

After his sudden shopping spree (as we saw last time), Spidey can't wait to give out the glamorous gifts to his pals and gals! But--what task has magnificent Mary Jane been put up to, and for whom? Will Spidey's eternal money woes ever abate? And--who is this new nefarious nut-job, stalking the streets of New York City? More rare 1977 daily newspaper strips and mile-high madness, from Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.! Click to enlarge!
Note, in those first two strips, how Romita adds small vignettes of the
supporting character's faces, to bring any new readers
up-to-date on who's who in the strip!

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