Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Return of the 1978 HULK Newspaper Strips! MarvelMania Strikes Again!

Wrapping up my overview of the INCREDIBLE HULK newspaper comic strips (at least the ones in my collection), here is another look at Greenskin's rare rampaging run through the funny pages! This time we see more TV-inspired (right down to calling Jade Jaw's alter-ego "David Banner") Hulk adventures, with what looks like an art assist by Vince Colletta! This short-lived venture was an exciting comic strip that moved like a bullet train, thanks to Stan Lee's deft writing! Let's not forget the able art by his own brother, "leaping'" Larry Lieber! Click here to see previous power-packed installments! Click to enlarge!

Stan even adds an attractive love interest for Dr. Banner, as was the habit of the  CBS TV show!

Taking another cue from the TV show, added emphasis is trained on Banner's "white eyes" as he begins his metamorphosis!

BONUS! Look below to see a regional newspaper teaser for the coming of the HULK strip! This ad uses an existing image of the Hulk (by artist Ernie Chan) taken from a 1977 issue of his comic book!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to see an original Marvel ad, hyping the new strip, from an issue of the HULK! color magazine! This time, an existing Hulk drawing by Ron Wilson is used!

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