Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Foreign Painted Marvel Covers! DAREDEVIL! INHUMANS! BLACK WIDOW! 70s Marvel Madness!

Can you believe your wondering eyes? Yes! Here are even more pleasurably-painted covers from Marvel Comics' overseas publishers! These swingin' 70s covers were fabulous re-imaginings (by master artist Jean Frisano) of their 60s counterparts, spotlighting the greatest moments from SPIDER-MAN, INHUMANS, DAREDEVIL, IRON MAN, and even the western comics line (anybody recognize the pre-motorcycle version of GHOST RIDER in that last cover?) gets a shot! Always a treat to see these crazy crusaders depicted in a panic-producing painted form! Click to enlarge!

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Julien said...

Hi from France ! (I grew-up with Strange)