Monday, May 7, 2012

More Fabulous Foreign SPIDER-MAN Covers! UK? A-OK! Marvel Comics!

Here are more little-seen custom covers, created for Marvel's 1970s overseas UK market! It's Spidey up against some of his toughest foes! Sandman! Dr. Octopus! Power Man! Tarantula! These are re-imaginings of their USA cousins, but are still great to see and enjoy! Most were drawn by Larry Lieber, and inked by long-time Marvel stalwarts such as Dave Hunt and Duffy Vohland! These may not pack the punch of the John Romita Sr. originals, but they're still quite powerful! Interesting to see how the artists re-worked the scenes into the different horizontal orientation used by the UK comics (which featured tons of different reprints in each title)! Click to enlarge!

Dandy Dave Hunt himself informs me that he pencilled the
above colossal cover, with inks by fearless Frank Giacoia!

Note that the above art seems to mistakenly sport a blurb
from the 1972 CREEM magazine "Spider-Man" cover!

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