Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Me-OW! Catwoman Throughout the Years! Batman! DC Comics Special Feature!

Another special feature from a 1976 "Secret Origins of Super Villains" giant-sized comic book edition! Here, we see the many (and quite odd) mutations that the cute (but not-so-cuddly) Catwoman character has gone through since her Golden Age debut in the 1940s! From her odd tabby-headed "Cat Burglar" image, to her famed "skirt and cape" feline fashion facade, the "TV-inspired" duds ( thanks to Julie Newmar), and right back to her classy and classic "green and purple" look! Has Batman's sometimes-lover had any more outfit and appearance changes since this spotlight was published during the Bronze Age? Sure, but none as striking and memorable as the ones pictured here! Click to enlarge!

BONUS! That second-to-last outfit (as seen above) was used by the Mego Toys folks when they made their own "Catwoman" action figure in 1974, as part of their mega-popular "World's Greatest Super-Heroes" line! See the figure (and her Frank Robbins art-ladden box) below!

BONUS BONUS! Catwoman's most famous outfit has also been immortalized in recent action figure lines! See below!

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