Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MARVEL TEAM UP! 1976 Original Cover Art! Gil Kane! Scarlet Witch!

Another great cover to keep you captivated and contented! Gaze lovingly upon the cataclysmic cover art to the memorable MARVEL TEAM-UP #41! It's 1976, and Spidey is blitzed by the Avengers' own Scarlet Witch! This blockbustin' scene was scribbled by Gil Kane, with "Dandy" Dan Adkins providing indelible inks! Gil had quite a way with action-oriented figures, giving them the power of Jack Kirby, but imbuing them with his own sense of grace and athleticism! No wonder Gil was the go-to artist for most of Marvel's mind-bending covers throughout the 70s! Click to enlarge!

Take note that the Spider-Man figure above was pasted into the original art! Why? Was the figure re-worked? Enlarged? Reduced to fit? Flipped?

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