Thursday, May 3, 2012

INCREDIBLE HULK--The Comic Strip?! 1979 Marvel Majesty! Larry Lieber!

Sure you knew there was (and still is) a newspaper comic strip version of Marvel's Spider-Man, but didja know that, in the late 70s, there existed an awesome INCREDIBLE HULK strip? True! Whipped up by Stan Lee (who else?) and liltin' Larry Lieber (Stan's own bouncin' brother), this strip tried to piggy-back onto the popularity of the HULK CBS TV show, right down to ol' Greenskin's mute personality, and his alter ego being tagged as "David Banner!" The strip ran for about 4 years before limping away into memory, but it did give us some interesting story and art (some by long-time Marvel and DC artists, Ernie Chan and Frank Giacoia)! It has been reprinted only in some now-expensive paperback editions, and would be ripe for a nice high-quality collection today! Thanks to the fine folks at the Bookstore Steve blog, you can now click below to see these first few 1978 promo strips and introductory adventures of the Jade Giant!

Notice how even the writing is patterned after the TV show, with others describing
the Hulk and his actions, the added character who pursues the creature, and Doc Banner
trying hard to keep calm and stay out of trouble!

Above: The awesome ad announcing the arrival of the
Green Goliath to a Massachusetts paper! Art by dandy
Dave Cockrum! Does that powerful pose seem
familiar? Click here! Thanks to Jerry Hillegas
for this one! 


Anonymous said...

I think I recall this strip from my childhood. I wonder if Marvel ever tried to bring other heroes to the newspaper format??

Don Hudson said...

I have never seen this strip before! Nice post Al.