Saturday, May 19, 2012

How To Draw The FLASH! 1976 Carmine Infantino Greatness! DC Comics!

Wow! Here we have all the inside dope on drawing the fastest man alive, the Flash! Who is supplying said schooling on scribbling the Sultan of Speed? None other than charmin' Carmine Infantino, the main "modern" FLASH artist for years! Not only did Carm re-invent the previous Golden Age (1940s) speedster for a panting Silver Age (1960s) audience, but he was also the able artist behind the bold visuals for the mid-60s "New Look" Batman revival! Carmine continued applying his impressive skills to so many comics and covers afterwards, for both DC and rival Marvel, and even became DC's line publisher for a long spell in the 70s, replaced later by Jenette Kahn, former head honcho behind long-running DYNAMITE magazine! This feature was culled from a great 1976 tabloid reprint volume, and even an 11-year-old me tried his hand at using CI's tips! Click below to enlarge, and get busy drawing!

Below: Neal Adams' famous early-70s portrait of Carmine Infantino!

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