Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The History of the Batmobile! 1973 BATMAN Special Feature! DC Comics!

Wow! Not only does Batman himself span back many decades (created in 1939), but so does his main ride, the mighty Batmobile! Here is a special feature (from BATMAN #255, a 1973 "Super Spectacular" comic) that displays some of the many permutations of this crazy custom car thru the years! I've always loved that "DETECTIVE #400 version!" What's your fave? Click to enlarge! 

It's interesting to note how slowly the customizing of the car occurred...
A Bat-head here, an emblem there..Also, notice how there is no mention 
of the very heavy influence of the 1966 George Barris-designed TV 
Batmobile in the late 60s comics issues!

BONUS! Look below to see some swell recent Batmobile die-cast toys from the durable Corgi corp! They've made just about every Batmobile from every era!

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Hobgoblin238 said...

Those Batmobiles are AWESOME! I had around 4 of them but then sold them to move to Mexico...Arghhh!