Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Hefty Ho-Down With The HULK! All the Facts and Figures! 1975 DYNAMITE Magazine Action!

From a very early issue of DYNAMITE magazine, here is a comprehensive fact feature on the ever-incredible Hulk! Once again, the hard-pressed editors and writers at the kindly kid's mag are charged with boiling down and distilling 13 years (!) of Greenskin history into a few cohesive and fun factoids! Dig that great re-colored excerpt (with art by Jack Kirby, natch) from 1962's HULK # 1! Learn about the Hulk's life, loves, enemies, and (at last) why he always picks purple pants! Click to enlarge!

500 pounds? Looks like ol' Jade Jaws started out as a lightweight! In a few years, he'd weigh in at an even half ton!

True! Stan Lee made an early goof in the strip, calling Bruce Banner, "Bob!" In typical fashion, he sassily side-stepped the issue by re-christening the good doctor "Robert Bruce Banner!" And, yes, purple is a complimentary color to green!

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