Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Your HULK On! Sport SHAZAM! Bear Batman! 1976 Superhero Shirts Article! DYNAMITE!

Dig it! A sensational essay on the then-current sartorial superhero scene of '76! How many of you True Believers proudly paraded while wearing these power-packed pajamas, shirts, and sweats? Sure, we all saw these pieces of awe-inspiring apparel in the many comics ads and catalogs back then, but here they are in full color and big as life! It was great to see your favorite character slapped simply on a shirt, with none of today's "ironic" distressing, fading, and captioning! Thanks again to the dandy DYNAMITE magazine folks for this fantastic feature! Click to enlarge!

I actually knew a guy (in 6th grade) who wore that Superman/Batman/Robin shirt! 
It was mostly custom art, with a few "stock" images of the Super-Foes peppered about!

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