Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Batman! "Comedy Cover Capers" Robin! Neal Adams! Dick Giordano! DC Comics!

Wanna see some of the most famous (and best) BATMAN covers of all time, but with a knee-slapping new twist? Turn your eager eyes to the images below, and look and laugh! From an over-sized 1975 BATMAN "Super Spectacular" edition, here are some reworked covers, with new humorous dialogue added! Better than the originals (also included for your perusal)? You be the judge! At least we get to drool over some fantastic art from Neal Adams and
Dick Giordano! Click to enlarge!


Mondo said...

Do you know what issue number these are in I'd love to grab a copy?

Al Bigley said...

I THINK it was BATMAN #262, altho other issues around that number ran similar features!