Friday, May 4, 2012

All About Lex Luthor--Again?! DYNAMITE DC Comics! Superman's Greatest Foe!

More "Superheroes Confidential" from the pulsating pages of a 1975 DYNAMITE magazine! This time, we learn the illicit low-down on lecherous Lex Luthor, Superman's number one baddie! As competitor SMASH magazine aptly covered, Lex carried on this life-long hate-fest due to losing his hair (something he actually blames young Superman for), and his ill-concealed jealousy for the Man of Steel!  Dig that terrific Bronze Age Curt Swan art, as well as Lex's super-spiffy and stylish 70s "battle suit!" Click to enlarge!

That's right--Luthor was a hero on another planet, one where he could sorta be "Superman" to its inhabitants! Is there any mystery left as to Lex's feelings of jealousy toward Superman?

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