Saturday, April 21, 2012

SHAZAM! Catching Up with Jackson Bostwick! 1974 DC Comics Saturday Morning Greatness!

Dig this FILMFAX magazine interview with Jackson Bostwick! Jackson portrayed the mighty "Captain Marvel" on the popular 1974 Saturday morning CBS series, SHAZAM! Altho not as well know (at the time) as Superman, the good Captain was making a comeback (since his sky-high heyday in the 1940s) due to being revived by DC Comics (Superman's publisher), becoming heavily merchandised (on shirts, action figures, toys, and posters), and, of course, headlining this exciting live-action Filmation show! Jackson talks about the series, his co-stars (like "Billy Batson" Michael Gray), and his new projects, so click to enlarge now! What are you waiting for? A call from "the Elders?!"

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