Friday, April 13, 2012

Nyuk! The THREE STOOGES! 1975 Moe Howard Interview! Curly! Larry!

From the pages of the venerable FILMFAX magazine, comes this great current (well, if you're a nut like me, and consider 1975 as "current") interview with the lead Stooge himself, Moe Howard! Even at his advanced age, Moe is wonderfully lucid, covering not only his time with the Stooges, but his thoughts on the many media touched by the boys, including live vaudeville, the famous film shorts, TV, and even the parental groups that were already bemoaning the oh-so-terrible Stooge "violence" and easily-copied mayhem!  He even delves into the lives of Curly, Larry, Shemp, and even the under-appreciated Joe Besser! A great bit of (kinda) living history about the comedy team that's still thrilling and entertaining millions in the new millennium! Click to enlarge!

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