Friday, April 20, 2012

The Mystery of the Sandman's Sartorial Substitutions! Jack Kirby! 1967 Marvel Comics!

We all know that Jack "King" Kirby was an artistic genius. Called upon to not only draw comics, but design and execute covers, create colossal compositions, roughs, layouts, and even costume designs (among many other titanic tasks), Jack always came through like no other! When it was time for the Sandman (long-time Spider-Man foe) to brush up his image before tackling the Fantastic Four in 1967, Jack re-designed the granulated goon, taking him from the striped-shirt wearing felon (as designed by Steve Ditko) to an armored world-beater!

The Sandman's first appearance, in 1963!

The new dynamic duds helped to make Sandy seem more menacing and dangerous, but it also looks like Jack had even more in mind! Sandman was supposed to use his new threads as a sorta "home base," blasting his sandy body out of the hard shell center of the armor! He could later re-group, and put the chest piece back on! It looks as if Kirby intended for Sandy's arms and legs to be bare, further emphasizing the "chest piece" idea!

This is emphasized later in the same tale, as Sandy seems to lose more and more of the non-armored portions of his outfit!
Suddenly, Sandman has bare arms, wrist-bands, and no gloves!

As the story winds down, Sandy is now somehow wearing only his mask and trunks! Was Jack being forgetful (not unusual for him), as he raced to produce as many pages a day as possible, or did he intend for the adventuring Sandman to return to his "shell?" What if some passer-by walks away with his waiting armor?

Lastly, on the very cover to this senses-shattering issue, Sandy is in full costume, but has forgotten his mask! Sheesh! Click all images to enlarge, beach-bums!

Brain-Blasting BONUS! A fan-made Mego-style action figure of the Sandman, using Kirby's re-designed costume!

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