Monday, April 23, 2012

The Monkees in the 80s! Davy Jones-Broke? Peter Tork-The Teacher?! Michael Nesmith-Video Pioneer!

Sure, most fans remember the mega-huge Monkees comeback/reunion of the mid-to-late 80s, but what was the band up to before those delirious days? Who recalls that Peter Tork was a short-term teacher in California? Micky was a successful director in merry ol' England! Michael was being recognized (and even won the first "video grammy" for) his video pioneering and creative work! Click to enlarge these many and varied clippings from the MTV era! Yes, I know a few come from the 70s, but...

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart only lasted a little over a year, touring and creating one studio LP!

Peter did keep his hand in music and song-writing, and would resume touring with his solo shows shortly after this period!

Take this kinda article with a grain of salt, as they greatly exaggerated Davy's situation at the time! Note how they used a pic of him in heavy stage make-up, making him seem older and tired!

During this period, before the massively successful 1986 reunion, mainstream coverage of the Monkees, like this 1982 US magazine piece, was very rare!

Who recalls Michael's own 1985 NBC series, TV PARTS? That was how popular his one-shot ELEPHANT PARTS video was at the time!

Funny how Michael's TIME RIDER film foreshadowed the similar BACK TO THE FUTURE film series! And, Nez was one of the first to foresee our use of, and relationship to, television today!

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