Friday, April 27, 2012

Mighty Marvel 1965 Office Stationery! Spider-Man! X-Men! Hulk! Steve Ditko!

Take a gander at this actual piece of mighty Marvel Comics in-office stationery! Merrily festooned with images of all the cavorting characters of the day, such as Spidey, Hulk, X-Men, Nick Fury, and even the Two-Gun Kid, this is one blast from comicdom's glory-studded past! Looks like one enterprising young and rabid fan even took this sheet on the rounds to acquire sensational signatures from Neal Adams, "jaunty" Jim Steranko, Walt Simonson(?), Stan Lee, and even Jack Kirby! Click to enlarge, history buffs!

BONUS: Make your own brain-bursting note paper, by printing this page (below), using it around the job site, and impressing your office pals and gals! 


B Smith said...

I'd hazard a guess and say that signature at the top is Barry Windsor's.

Al Bigley said...

Thank you for that!

Al Bigley

Craig Zablo said...

Yeah, I'm sure it's not Walt Simonson's.

Also, that's Two Gun Kid, not Rawhide Kid.

Keep up the great posts!

Anonymous said...

I have a whole pad of this stationery - and envelopes. Is it worth anything?

Al Bigley said...

Thanks for all the input!

Not sure WHAT original sheets of this stationery would be worth, but I would imagine they'd be VERY sought-after!

Al Bigley

Rory Fugerson said...
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