Friday, April 6, 2012

The HULK! "Chocolate Turkey?" All About His Pants! Jim Steranko vs Marie Severin?! 1968 Marvel Madness!

Here is a fun and fantastic letters page excerpt from a 1968 issue of THE INCREDIBLE HULK! We get started with a letter detailing that, in Spain, ol' Greenskin could rightly be called "Turkey Flavored Chocolate Sauce Man!" Then (as if that weren't enough), one eagle-eyed Marvelite is the first of many to get into the fact that Marie Severin was directed to doctor the (Jim Steranko-drawn) head of the Hulk on the well-remembered cover to that years' HULK SPECIAL (horrors)! He also vetoes the notion of a She-Hulk, ten years before such a character came to comic book life, in order to capture copyrights on the idea of a female jade giant! Remember when letter pages were fun? Heck, remember letters pages!? Click to enlarge!

For decades, letters pages where not only a way for fans to gauge the likes and thoughts of fellow comics readers, but a place to learn about upcoming projects, events, and creators! Current comics don't usually run such pages, owing to the thought that the internet easily takes the place of such communication and community!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge the actual art for said HULK cover, with untouched Jim Steranko art (left), and the published Marie Severin-altered version (right)!

Hard to believe now, but the original head of the Hulk must have been seen as possibly too savage, wild and off-putting to prospective buyers of the day!

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