Monday, April 30, 2012

Go Ape With the MONKEES! Davy Jones! Micky Dolenz! Peter Tork! JC Penney?!

What? More rare items from the Monkees vault? You betcha! Take a look below to glom some of the rarest pics of the Monkees, from the hard-to-find 1968 paperback, MONKEES GO APE! This book had tons of candid on-set photos from the movie HEAD, and have never been reproduced anywhere else! Davy waits on set! Peter and Micky take time out to grab lunch! The Monkees play with shoes for a jocular JC Penney (or was it for Thom McAn?) promotion! Peter gets into psychedelic pop! Click to enlarge!

Yes, I had Davy Jones sign my copy, in 1997! After I handed the book to him,
he glanced at it and said, "That's an odd one!"

Filming the HEAD "desert scenes" on location!

BONUS! Cast your disbelieving eyes below, to glare at ultra-rare 1978 pics of Davy and Micky on the road, and with lucky fans, in New Jersey!

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david_b said...

Yes, that's a rare book, never seen that myself. LOVE the Davy autograph. :)