Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Angel! Iceman! 1976 Topps Sticker Set Production Art! Marvelmania!

Another look at some super-rare production art from the vaunted Topps vault! This time we look into the 2nd MARVEL SUPERHEROES set, which featured a series of senses-shattering stickers of all the Marvel madcaps, with "funny" word balloons attached to exciting (if familiar) poses! Here are the art boards for those two awesome X-Men, the Angel and Iceman! Looks like this art came from the pen of gracious Gil Kane, and it certainly is dynamic! The Topps designers took stats of the actual Kane art and pasted them to the boards, adding text and indicia, and everything you see on the final card! Then, a stat is made from that, and...Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge the cover of CHAMPIONS #1, the source for the above awe-inspiring art!

Below: The actual wrappers (and point-of-purchase counter box) that housed these titanic sticker (and gum) sets!

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