Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1980 INCREDIBLE HULK TV Update! Less Lou? Banner on a Bus?! Marvel Comics!

From the page of a sensational STARLOG magazine, here is a 1980 update on the 4th season of the INCREDIBLE HULK TV show! Though the sulky superhero series was somewhat out of the fan and public eye at the time (it would lurch into cancellation at the end of the next season), its cash-strapped producers still had lots of fun and exciting plots up their sleeves! Who doesn't recall the dramatic "Prometheus" 2-parter, or the "evil" David Banner plot? But, what about the show we almost got to see? Can you imagine episodes with only one "Hulk-out" each? Also interesting to note the further changes to the format the producers had in mind if they didn't get the needed budget for the show! Click to enlarge!

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R.A.M.'67 said...

I read this way back when, but I forgot the rejected idea of Banner traveling around in a motor home.

It seems like Hulk's producers watched Shazam! on Saturday mornings.