Sunday, March 11, 2012

Super Special Sunday SPIDER-MAN 70 Strips! A DAILY Dose of Spidey?!

You read right! From here on out, you'll get not only the rare full-color 70s SPIDER-MAN Sunday newspaper strips, but the in-between daily strips, too! No longer will you be left to wander the lone wilderness, wondering how the wonderful Web-Spinner got out of a given perilous predicament! Now, you'll get the whole story, alternating between the Sunday color strip, and the weekly b/w run! First up: Spidey must defeat the enraged Kraven the Hunter, and contend with his eternal pain-in-the-tights, J.J. Jameson! Continued from our last installment, here is this famous week-long 1977 battle, as only Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr. could bring it to all of us Marvel maniacs! Click to enlarge!

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