Saturday, March 3, 2012

SHAZAM Stats! DYNAMITE Strikes Again! 1975 Captain Marvel Fax and Figures! DC Comics!

In the mid-70s, DC Comics purchased the rights to the old Golden Age rival (in sales and popularity) to their own Superman, Captain Marvel! Bought from Fawcett Comics, DC then went to work hyping the good Captain, publishing his new adventures and reprinting his old ones in addition to pushing tons of toys, figures, and posters featuring the Shazam-man! By the time this piece on the "Big Red Cheese" ran in durable DYNAMITE magazine, the character even had his own top-rated live-action Saturday morning TV show! Supes was back to worrying about his position as top super-cop! Click below to see some of Cap's original origin (!) from his first 1940 issue, and learn everything there is to know about ol' Shazam and the gang!
Note how the text part of the article addresses the newly-returned Captain Marvel,
(not his 40s incarnation), and how he was functioning in the  70s!

BONUS! Click below to dig this clipping about Cap's return to TV and the public's awareness!

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