Monday, March 26, 2012

More Fabulous Foreign FANTASTIC FOUR Painted Covers! Marvel Mirth!

We've covered a few of these rare gems before, but here is another breath-taking blast of some terrific Spanish Marvel covers! As you can see, these are basically re-worked versions of the actual 60s printed US cover scenes (most originally created by Jack Kirby), but with new compositions and (in most cases) realistically rendered painted images! Also of interest is the slightly skewed take on the now-familiar characters, as Reed seems older in some shots than others, costume color schemes are mismatched, and the Thing never seems to look the same in any two images! Lots of fun for any Marvel-maniac! Click to enlarge!


Ferran Delgado said...

Mostly of the covers painted for that editions were done by Enric and Lopez EspĂ­. Enric is very well known in USA for his work for Warren Publishing, doing iconic painted covers for Vampirella magazine.

Those magazines had pocket format (volum 1), and inside were the most awful international editions EVER!! Really, you won't find worse editions.

They cutted panels individually from the original pages, and pasted a couple of them in each page and enlarged in a very clumpsy way the art! Translations were very "creative", and they had no problem to add new invented text to fill the space of the newly created panel, with larger borders.

Afterwards they published the comics in a format larger and wider than a comic book in black and white (v2 and v3) which was not so awful, but still translations and lettering and retouches and publishing order was a mess.

This was the reason I started collecting USA comics. When I got a USA copy and compared them, I was so furious that I swore that I wouldn't buy another copy of that crap.

BTW, color was messed in the covers because the company only bought the black plate and had no comic as reference, so artists colored blindly. Of course, both artist had no idea about superheroes.

Al Bigley said...


Thanks for that info!

I was hesitant to run cover credits for these, as I can never be 100% sure who did what! I THOUGHT they were by Espi, but since I wasn't fully certain...

Thanks for your invaluable input!