Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Davy Jones Clippings and Rare Pics! The Monkees' Main Man!

As the world still reels over the death of Monkees front-man Davy Jones, I thought it was a good time to dig up more of my saved clippings, from various past (and some recent) Davy Jones events, Monkees reunions, and the like. Click each to enlarge.

 FIrst up: clippings from the amazing MTV-inspired 1986 reunion tour and comeback, from NATIONAL ENQUIRER and TIME! 

Below: A terrific 1991 PEOPLE MAGAZINE piece on Davy and his life on the farm, with his horses and family!

Below: A 1994 article on Davy, and his touring with the GREASE stage play! An extra pic of the guys a few years later, in the UK, during the fabulous 1996 JUSTUS reunion! 

Below: Also from the 1997 JUSTUS years, two great TV GUIDE and USA TODAY articles on the band (Nesmith joined in!), and their then-new TV specials!

Lastly, and sadly, here is the USA TODAY piece on Davy's passing. This is the March 1st, 2012 issue.

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