Friday, March 16, 2012

MORE Aurora Origins! Model Kit Madness! Batman! Hulk! Spider-Man!

In this previous pulse-pounding post, I discussed the possible origins of some of the well-remembered poses for the far-flung Aurora superhero model kits! Well, take a gander below! The Batman and Robin kits had to have been based on these 1950s image of the daring Dynamic Duo! Both kits look as if they were originally conceived to have been sculpted in sporty swinging poses, with dioramas added only later as an after-thought! What do you think? Click images to enlarge, and remember to keep your glue capped!

BONUS! Below (left) is a great re-imagining of the 1964 Aurora SUPERMAN model kit box art (right), by artist Randy Garett! Randy wanted to create box art that utilized the image of actor George Reeves, from the ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 50s show!

Below: Artist Jerry Ordway has a turn, in this tribute to the kit, as seen on this 1990s DC comic book cover!

Below: A fabulous and colorful ad from Polar Lights, touting their re-issuing of the magnificent Marvel Aurora kits, in a new, larger scale! The kits are still available for older and newer fans to tackle!

Below: The origin of the Aurora Spidey kit? Not only is Web-Head confronting creepy Kraven the Hunter, but note the battered backdrop said dust-up occurs around! From 1966's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #34!

Thanks to terrific Terry Beatty for the above tidbit, and page scan!

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