Saturday, March 31, 2012

Monkees' Davy Jones 2012 Death. Recent Newspaper and Magazine Coverage.

This is a tough one. Here on the blog, I try to run only very dated material, so as not to step on the toes (and pocketbooks) of publishers and such, and I also do not support (or endorse the "facts" reported within) the many "rag" tabloid papers such as the GLOBE and NATIONAL ENQUIRER. I did buy some recent such issues that contained articles and information on Davy Jones of the Monkees, due to his recent untimely and unfortunate passing, and now run these recent 2012 articles here in hopes that by doing so, other interested and curious fans will not need to buy and support such sensationalistic periodicals. Also, many overseas fans do not have access to these magazines, so...Click each to enlarge.

And now, a piece from a respected (in most circles) paper, the L.A. TIMES!


Mitch Mckenna said...

THat`s not true. That`s the yellow press. Davy loved his mates and had them as brothers. He just fighted with Mike because he didn`T like to go on touring with the group.

The boys didn`t go to the funeral because they were asked for not to attend.

I don`t know if Davy`s used to beated up his wife, but it`s strange. Did he like to suffer ? The truth is that his girls didn`t go to his wedding

Al Bigley said...

Yeah, take that kinda "reporting" with a big grain of salt..They want to sell their papers, so....

Al Bigley

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for remembering the overseas fans. I've been loved them since I was a little kid and my love for them is the same nowadays.
RIP, Dear Davy! You really helped to make our hearts happier and full of pleasant moments!

Fran's Column said...

I don't know what is true, but it seemed like there was back and forth bickering between Davy and his young wife. I wish somebody would get the truth about how many times each filed for divorce.