Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Marie Severin Mystery! INCREDIBLE HULK #102 Cover! Marvel Comics!

Another cover art head-scratcher! Below, left, you can see the image that was to be the original art to the colorful cover of INCREDIBLE HULK #102 (below, right)! But, as you can see, someone (most probably editor Stan Lee) demanded some radical changes to Marie Severin's art, modifying faces, poses, and bodies! Already an odd image (The Hulk changing back into Dr. Banner, as opposed to the dramatic opposite motif), but why the changes? Was the rejected Hulk seen as too timid, or pained, or scrawny, as opposed to powerful and eye-grabbing? You decide! Click to enlarge!
Fun Fact: This was the 2nd time Hulk received his own full-length comic, after being cancelled
at the conclusion of his first 6-issue run, 5 years earlier! In the interim, ol' Jade Jaws kept the flame alive
by making tons of appearances in other comics, and helming his own short-form strip in

BONUS! Below is the yet another take on this power-packed cover image, by Ron Wilson and Joe Sinnott, for the 1976 reprint of this issue in the MARVEL SUPERHEROES title!


Rick said...

I think I see a little of Bill Everett's hand in first version. Perhaps in the Hulk's hands and arms. I could be mistaken.

Bob Almond said...

In the Wilson/Sinnott version it looks like the darker green should be used on the final, or first, Hulk...not the one before it. Switching those color schemes would've made the transition better Imho.