Friday, March 9, 2012

It's DAREDEVIL by--Michael T. Gilbert?! 1982 Marvel Comics Art and Fun!

More fun and rare bits and pieces from the 1982 DAREDEVIL CHRONICLES fandom publication, sold only thru mail order or comic stores! This time we glom artist Michael T. Gilbert's take on the ol' "Man Without Fear!" Gilbert has fun comparing DD to his Golden Age predecessor (love that last line dealing with how well comic books sold in the 40s), in the illo on the left, then he gets serious, comparing and contrasting Hornhead to DC Comics' own dark night avenger, Batman, in the image on the right! Two rare blasts from the past for the Bronze Age comics fan! Click to enlarge!

Note the use of "shading film" on this artwork! The film consisted of printed dots, small enough to crete a "gray" field, that could be cut and applied on the art as needed! It's now in rare use, as software such as Photoshop can create the same effects!


Richard Bensam said...

"Shading film" to the layperson, perhaps. Zip-a-tone or Letratone or Chartpak to the connoisseur! I used up so much of that stuff in childhood trying to emulate comic book art that when you cut me I still bleed a dot gradient pattern. (And if anyone understands where I'm coming from, it'll be you! This blog never fails to bring back sweet memories.)

Al Bigley said...

Oh, yes! Once at art school in 1983, I bought this expensive material by the cartload!

And, the care you had to take in cutting it, and....