Monday, March 19, 2012

INCREDIBLE HULK Tidbits! Bill BIxby! Nick Hammond! Lynda Carter?! Marvel Comics!

Back with more fabulous and rare images and tidbits from the mega-successfulI INCREDIBLE HULK CBS-TV show! Click below to enlarge this great 1979 feature that covers not only Marvel Comics' HULK show, but his sibling SPIDER-MAN TV series (starring Nick Hammond as the worried Web-Slinger)! You can read about a certain super-heroine from Marvel's competitor also, some gal called WONDER WOMAN! I had this and so many other similar publications of the day, as they all struggled to spotlight superheores an sci-fi themes, in those days after STAR WARS set the world ablaze!

Below: A powerful pic of the TV Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, with the man who portrayed the Jade Giant for visitors to the late-70s Universal Studios tours! Do any fans out there know this actor's name, or attend the tour back then?

Below: Some odd and rare pics of Lou Ferringo, as the ever-Incredible Hulk, filming a sequence for the early 80s FALL GUY series!

Below: A fairly recent article on actor Brandon Cruz, child star of Bill Bixby's early-70s series, COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER! Brandon later filmed a guest spot on a first season HULK episode, and was a dear friend to the talented Bixby till the very end!

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