Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Greatest FLASH Villains! Yes! The Greatest FLASH Art? Not So Much. 1973 Albert Bigley Artwork! DC Comics!

Inspired by the huge treasury editions produced by DC Comics in the early 70s (such as the SECRET ORIGINS OF SUPER VILLAINS edition), here are some 1973 images drawn by me (age 8) of the Flash's most fearsome foes! We get not only the cavortin' Captain Cold, but also that obnoxious Australian, Captain Boomerang! I also colored these twin titanic sketches (in crayon, no less)! What a treat! I had also hoped that the miserly but magnanimous Mego corporation would adapt these super-foes into their line of action figures (thinking these poses would make great box illos), but, no such luck! Heck, they never even made a Flash figure! Click to enlarge!

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