Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get Your Jollies with The JOKER! All the Funny Facts! Batman! DC Comics!

Back again with another fun factoid from dandy DYNAMITE magazine! In this 1975 fun feature, the editors of this kooky kid's mag give us all the facetious facts of Batman's main pain, The Joker! Didja know this character goes back almost as far as the Caped Crusader himself? Didja know the jocular jackanapes started out as another vicious villain called The Red Hood? Didja know he was so popular, that by the mid-70s he was awarded his own mirthful mag? Didja know Robin, Batman's partner, made "secret footprints?" What?! Click to enlarge and enjoy!

Note above how truly murderous the Joker was! The character was softened a bit over the years,
becoming more of a comedic crime clown, but has been returned to his role as a vicious foe in recent comics and films!

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