Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ernie Chan Strikes Again! 1975 JUSTICE LEAGUE Original Cover Art! Batman! JSA! DC!

Another brain-bursting beauty from the Bronze Age of comics! This is the amazing cover art to JUSTICE LEAGUE # 124, by Ernie Chan! Chan was the main man at DC for covers (and many comic interiors) around the mid-70s, and this wonderful JLA image shows why! Here, Ernie demonstrates his mastery in depicting drama, implied danger, and heroic poses! It's also no easy feat to keep all those heroes of the Justice League and the Justice Society straight! But, why the "1978" signature on this 1975 cover? Looks like Ernie signed (in '78) this cover to a frantic fan who was buying the original art a few years after it's completion! Click to enlarge!

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