Friday, March 30, 2012

CAPTAIN AMERICA! Get Every Fact! About the Man Called Cap! Marvel Comics!

Another incredible installment of "Superheroes Confidential," this one from a 1974 issue of DYNAMITE magazine! The editors dipped into the Silver Age to present a great Jack Kirby-drawn sequence from Captain America's shared (with Iron Man) comic book, TALES OF SUSPENSE! Cap's awesome origin is recalled, including his "I was a 90-pound weakling" shtick! Notice how many questions are answered (in the text piece) about Cap's then-current friends and foes, as 1974 was a most tumultuous time for the Star-Spangled Avenger, with his many partners coming and going, dealing with the death of past partner, Bucky, and his faith-testing tenure as Nomad, in the wake of the belief-shattering Watergate scandals! Read here for the DYNAMITE low-down on Cap's greatest villain, the riotous Red Skull! Click to enlarge images below!

Notice how, with only about 10 years of "Marvel continuity" to deal with,
the editors still struggle mightily to clearly detail Cap's universe and comings-

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