Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1973 Nick Cardy BATMAN Original Cover Art! Spot the Differences! DC Comics!

I was simply gonna run this original comic art, the cover to a fabulous 1973 BATMAN "Super Spectacular" volume, only because it was so darned sweet! Ya can't go wrong with that wonderful Nick Cardy art, and super-rare Golden Age reprints, right? But, take a close squint at the cover art (below, left) and the printed cover (below, right)! See anything different? Note the head on the main Batman figure, as well as his trunks in the panel at the lower right of the cover! Why the changes? Was his head deemed too wide or fat on the original? Were his stylish trunks attracting too much attention? Was this the cover as seen only in ads for this sensational special issue? Any ideas? Click to enlarge, superhero sleuths!

BONUS! From my own colossal collection comes this scan, below, of the printed cover! Batman's head and trunks appear unaltered from the above original art! What gives? Were two covers printed? Did this comic get two print runs?


M W Gallaher said...

Notice also the shadow indicating Batman's left shoulder muscle has been added to the altered version. By the way, the version in my collection, like yours, looks the same as the original art here.

bob said...

It looks to me like the copy with the added shading had that added by some kid with a pen practicing his art skills. A kid with considerably more skill than I had when scribbling on comics, but considerably less skill than Nick Cardy.

Phillyradiogeek said...

Hey, I have this one in my collection too! I'll have to take a look.