Thursday, March 15, 2012

1967 SPIDER-MAN Cartoon-Revisited and Refurbished! Marvel Comics Wonderment!

Dig this article from a few years back! It's all about the painstaking restoration of the famed 1967 SPIDER-MAN cartoon show ("Spider-Man..Does whatever a spider can....")! This was all done in preparation of the show making its long-awaited debut on DVD in 2004! Note how the clean-up crew also says they've prepared the limited-animated MARVEL SUPERHEROES 1966 cartoons (also by Grantray-Lawrence) for DVD release, but, so far, they've yet to show up ( as a complete set) in the USA! Maybe for this summer's AVENGERS movie premiere?! One can only hope! Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge these great storyboards, animation cells, and original character designs (in attempts to simplify Spider-Man's complex costume for simple animation) from the sensational '67 SPIDER-MAN cartoon!


Anonymous said...

Great to see Grantray-Lawrence production art. Is there any more of that Fakir storyboard?

Al Bigley said...

That's all I know of!

Check that "Spider-Man collectors" site, tho!


Al Bigley