Saturday, February 4, 2012

TV's "Robin!" Burt Ward--a REAL "Boy Wonder!" 1966 BATMAN TV Series! DC Comics!

Holy braggadocio! You sure can't accuse Burt Ward (TV's "Robin") of being consumed with modesty! Take a glance at this terrific 1967 TV GUIDE piece on the wonderful wunderkind! Burt not only talks of riding high, due to his newly acquired TV stardom thanks to the bombastic BATMAN show, but he also recounts his endless accolades and accomplishments, both academic and athletic! Wow! Of course, hindsight is brought into play, and we know that Burt's far-flung future plans didn't exactly pan out. Burt did, however, make it big in the 70s as a celebrity merchandiser and collectible maven, in addition to making big Bat-bank on personal appearances! Today, he helps find loving families for homeless dogs, with his GENTLE GIANTS rescue effort! Click to enlarge, Robin-rooters!

BIG BAT-BONUS! From the same TV GUIDE ish, this agony-inducing blurb appeared, announcing the arrival of Batgirl (played by Yvonne Adair?!) to the already-in-
danger 3rd season!

BONUS BONUS! Lest you think Burt was all boast and Bat-brag, dig these 1966 images from 16 MAGAZINE, telling of Ward's visit to children's hospitals and other charitable activities! 

Sure, visits like this were really an
attempt to hype and promote the related TV shows,
but how often do you see today's stars doing
these kinda things? Thanks to Steve Rosinski

for the above two pics!

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