Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Superman's Fortress of--SOLITUDE?! The Many Fortress Crashers! 1975 DC Comics Fun!

Yeah. Superman built his "Fortress of Solitude" to be a refuge from his many friends and foes, as well as a "man cave" (Batman is one of his best pals) where he can relax and indulge his hobbies, such as building life-sized statues (complete with secret identity information) of his aforementioned friends and foes! The problem with that? The many gate-crashers at the Fortress then have access to Superman's greatest secrets! You'd think that the Man of Steel would take greater precautions against foreign foes busting in every 2 weeks, but...Click below to read this fun and enlightening piece on just how many times the refuge was ransacked, direct from a great 1975 "Super Spectacular" oversized issue of SUPERMAN # 284! Click to enlarge!

This doesn't even mention the many visits by Perry White, Robin, various Justice League members, and...

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