Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nick Hammond as SPIDER-MAN! "He's the Kinda Guy Who Would Join the Peace Corps!" 1979 Pics and Article! Marvel!

Right! More Marvel material covering the late-70s days of the CBS SPIDER-MAN series! Read this terrific interview with actor Nick Hammond, who, of course, portrayed hapless Peter Parker (and Spidey, natch) himself! Altho the series didn't last long, it made an indelible mark on long-time Marvel fans, and was certainly not without a certain charm! Culled from the school book club fave, TV TIME '79, this article is one terrific reminder of a time when Marvel (and comic books in general) really seemed to be taking over the tube! But, what's with Spidey's "magic web?!" Click to enlarge!

Ya gotta admit, "in-camera" stunts and effects like the one above
were quite exciting and imaginative, in those
"pre-CGI" years!

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