Thursday, February 23, 2012

MORE Earl Norem Original Comic Art! SPIDER-MAN at the Zoo?! Marvel!

I've covered the amazing art of Earl Norem here and here on this blog, but now it's time to take a look at a real Norem curiosity! Here is Earl's pencil rough for some kinda SPIDER-MAN promotional poster or cover, promoting zoo visits (or animal life)! Possibly put into production to promote the NY area zoos, here is Spider-man, flawlessly depicted, against a range of equally-masterful vignettes of animals, zoo life, and peaceful settings! Altho it seems to have been unused (or heavily changed before publication), it's still great to see and admire! Can you supply any info on this piece? Click to enlarge!


Anonymous said...

Wish I had info for you, but it's a great drawing. Norem rocks! --Bret

seelisch said...

It's a sketch from this story;

I also have on of the sketches he did for this book. May he rest in peace!