Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Morbius! Spider-Man's Vampire Foe! 1974 Original Trading Card Art! Marvel Comics!

Talk about rare! Here is an original color art master for the famed 1974 "Comic Book Heroes" sticker set from the Topps folks! This is Morbius, the "Living Vampire," a then-popular foe of the ever-amazing Spider-Man! This art would be later married to some background elements and text (a supposedly "funny" quotation), as part of a multi-card set that made use of some of the best art Marvel had to offer! In this case, Gil "Sugar Lips" Kane is honored, with his terrific art on display! Gil was a main Marvel master artist at the time, providing not only mucho interiors for several books, but most of the covers of the day! Click here to see more examples of this peculiar production artwork for Topps Cards! Click image below to enlarge!

If you clicked on that first link above, you'd see how Morbius' sticker pose here
was modified from the cover art to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 101! Note also

the changes to the legs and feet between production art and final printing!

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