Monday, February 13, 2012

The Monkeemobile! See The New Trailer?! The Monkees' 1966 Custom Car! Davy Jones!

Anyone who digs cars has to dig the Monkeemobile! Customized by car guru Dean Jeffries, this was a heavily modified 1966 Pontiac GTO, complete with extended engine, pipes, custom interior, chutes, and so much more! But, one addition that didn't quite make the cut? A pull-behind trailer. Yep! The idea was for the traveling group to haul a pop-up stage, for the benefit of giving impromptu concerts as needed, both on the zany sit-com, and in real-life appearances! The story goes that, once the four band members first spied the decidedly up-hip and clunky accessory, they nixed it right in the parking lot! Some footage and pics still exist of the super-square stage idea (see below), but it woulda certainly spoiled the image of the fire-red monstrous Monkeemobile if included on any rambunctious road trips! Click images below to enlarge, custom car kooks!

Below, left: Actual blueprint designs for the car, made before construction began (right)!

Below: Davy Jones (left) with Monkeemobile designer, Dean Jeffries!

Yep! Both the original car, and several replicas,
are still around for promotional appearances
and charity events!

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