Monday, February 6, 2012

The Mighty Thor in DYNAMITE MAGAZINE! 1975 Marvel Comics Mayhem!

More "inside fax" from the kids magazines of the 70s! We've already looked at some of the comic coverage provided by swinging' SMASH magazine, so let's turn to the grand-daddy of them all for kid 'zines, DYNAMITE! This long-lived mag (created by future DC Comics head, Jeanette Khan) ran an entire years-spanning series called "Superheroes Confidential," revealing the origins and tiny details of superpeoples and their foes! All of this, of course, in the day when back issues and inside scoops where hard to obtain, hence the desire for such news and playground-cred-creating knowledge! Dig this 1975 spread on Marvel's THOR, with great Jack Kirby art from the Thunder God's origin tale, first seen in 1962! You may even learn some new things about ol' Goldilocks, too! Click to enlarge!

This was my first issue of DYNAMITE (had to have for the superhero content),
purchased from a supermarket back in the day! I soon snagged every
issue through the Scholastic book ordering program in my school, then subscribed! 

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