Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Laugh Along with FANDOM FUNNIES 1976 Hilarity! Spider-Man!? Marvel Comics!?

Fan-published (and circulated) magazines, called fanzines, were once all the rage, starting in the 60s (though science fiction fanzines go back to the 20s), and here is a shining example of the fun (and time-consuming) world of such mags! FANDOM FUNNIES was published sporadically in the 70s, by Jay Zilber and pals (such as four-color familiars like Rich Morrissey, Don Rosa, and Mercy Van Vlack), and contained some spot-on spoofs of then-current comics and trends! In grand MAD magazine tradition, the parody ad below contains so many in-jokes and comic references, it'll test your status as a Marvel maniac or DC diligent! Any spoof that contains jabs (literally) at Cary Bates and Neal Adams? It's a hit! Click to enlarge!

This spoof also pokes fun at the familiar "block ads" for toys, magic tricks, and gag
items that appeared in comics at the time!

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Dick Kulpa said...

I believe "Fandom Funnies" published one of my strips around 1973 or 1974. I've been looking for that edition. Don't know, but the zine was well crafted.
-Dick Kulpa