Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jack Kirby-Censored?! 1976 CAPTAIN AMERICA Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

SAY IT AIN'T SO! The great Jack Kirby--censored? Re-drawn? Embellished?! All true! Dig this 1976 cover art to CAPTAIN AMERICA # 207! Below, left, you can see the "King's" original cover art (with inks by Frank Giacoia), depicting a stern Cap peering at the embattled enemy hordes! But, if ya glance to the right of said image, you'll see the mightily modified head of our harried hero, patched up by (what looks like) the pen of John Romita Sr. (and inks by Giacoia)! Why? Sure, Jack's figures could be just a bit wonky by this time in his career, but ain't that part of the charm of Kirby art? It's like no other's! Alas, the revised version is what was published (final image below), and who's to say which was the more powerful? Click to enlarge, compare, and decide for yourself, frantic one!

The final printed version is also a bit marred by the
odd purple tone given to Cap's outfit!

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