Saturday, February 11, 2012

INCREDIBLE HULK! Lou FerrigNo-Show?! 1979 Magazine Article and Pics! Marvel!

As a testament to the prodigious popularity of the late-70s INCREDIBLE HULK TV show, almost every Hollywood magazine of the day covered the show and its stars, mostly tackling "Hulk" himself, Lou Ferrigno! Dig this 1979 piece, from the then-ubiquitous GOSSIP magazine (remember equally ubiquitous and obnoxious Rona Barrett?)! Lou was the must-have interview subject then, but, due to the heavy shooting schedule on the HULK set (and his grueling physical work-out routine), he could only give so much time to intrepid interviewers!  Such is the case with this resolute reporter, who goes on a NANCY DREW-like trek to obtain an audience with Louie! But, that doesn't mean we don't learn some new things about the famed bodybuilder! Click to enlarge and enjoy!

A lot of the pics included with this article come from the filming of
"Married," the 2nd season HULK opener!

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