Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HEAD Trip! Spend 1968 With The Monkees! Rare Pics! Davy Jones! Michael Nesmith!

1968 was a busy year for the Monkees! The summer was spent involved in a whirlwind "Far East Tour," where the guys delivered a series of amazing live shows to sold-out fans in Japan and Australia! In addition to the hectic tour pace, the band also submitted to many press conferences and interviews! With no time to catch their collective breath, it was time to get back to filming their first (and only) big-screen movie, HEAD! Some tough location shooting for this nutty celluloid venture, involving desert scenes, crazy car chases, stunts and special effects, and more! Alas, all this activity couldn't stem their impending fall, as their ever-increasing progression into more adventurous music and films left behind their younger fan base! Didn't help that their famed TV series had been cancelled that year, either! Click to enlarge the images below, and to peek behind the scenes of all this Monkees madness!

Note the above pic of Peter as a clown, filmed for a scene that was later cut from HEAD!

In the above pic (and the one below), the Monkees pose with HEAD co-star, Victor Mature!

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F J Payton said...

I was able to meet Mr. Jones a couple of years ago, received a couple of autographs, pictures etc.., asked him a few questions, witnessed his concert from the front row, great show, here in Cedartown, Ga., We'll miss him and his talents.